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Philadelphia Weekly (David Adler):
"The extraordinary sonic color, rhythmic daredevilry and sheer filth coming from Seabrook’s instruments can be downright alarming"

Village Voice (Christopher Weingarten):
"A manic clusterfuck of merciless banjo torture"

Wall Street Journal:
"Growing up in Massachusetts, Brandon Seabrook never had trouble getting new acquaintances to remember his name. "Is that like the power plant?," they would always ask, referring to the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in Seabrook, N.H., about 40 miles north of Boston"

Something Else:
"Is this jazz? Rock? Avant Garde? Punk jazz? I don’t really know. It ain’t Bela Fleck, that’s for sure."

Alarm Press:
"this is definitely a wide-reaching album. I like their use of catchy dissonance, which reminds me of Mahavishnu Orchestra (or maybe reminds me of the parts of The Dillinger Escape Plan that most obviously resemble Mahavishnu)."

Jazz Times:
"Brandon Seabrook has an itchy, overdriven, often evil-sounding interface with the banjo, and as an improviser he uses it to establish a clear but aggressively unsettled identity. You can grasp this intuitively within a minute or two of “Sacchetto Mal D’Aria,” from the second self-titled album by his band Seabrook Power Plant."

The Liminal:
"..there’s a car crash of influences being thrown together – from heavy metal to 80s pop. Even though there’s really dense and disconnected periods of music, the album never feels unapproachable or difficult to listen to."



Seabrook Powerplant
(LLVL009, LLCD009)

Seabrook Powerplant II



On April 26, 2011, Brooklyn-based trio Seabrook Power Plant is releasing Seabrook Power Plant II on Loyal Label. Following their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, which stunned NPR’s A Blog Supreme by terrifyingly sustaining a “crazed state of improvisation,” and numerous live dates, one of which alarmed the New York Times with its “grimly combative clamor,” the group returns with a fresh book of 8 electrifying, category-demolishing compositions.

1. Lamborghini Helicopter
2. Black Sheep Squadron
3. The Night Shift
4. I'm Too Good For You
5. Kush Lamps Ablaze
6. Sacchetto Mal D'Aria
7. Forcep Perfection
8. 0515

Brandon Seabrook - guitar, banjo
Tom Blancarte - bass
Jared Seabrook - drums

Special Guest: Judith Berkson - vocals