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Opsvik & Jennings

Opsvik & Jennings - Lune

Digital Only Release, Buy on Bandcamp or iTunes

"Opsvik & Jennings are releasing a new ten track album as a digital download. The album will be released one song at a time on the first day of every month, beginning on July 1st, 2014."

01. Titan
02. Ganymede
03. Callisto
04. Europa
05. Io
06. Enceladus
07. Our Moon
08. Oberon
09. Hydra and Nix
10. Charon

All music composed by Opsvik & jennings

Performed, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Opsvik & Jennings, at Greenwood Underground, Brooklyn, 2013 - 2015

Hammond organ on "Enceladus" and "Our Moon" recorded by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Guest artists:
David Christian - drums on "Enceladus" and "Our Moon"
Peter Opsvik - baryton saxophone and flute on "Enceladus"

Cover Design By Espen Friberg (Yokoland)
Photography By Michelle Arcila